In Brief

Alphaart was established in 2015 by Alaa Arsheed and Isaac de Martin to pursue the construction of a new international Art Gallery based on the one founded by Arsheed Family in Syria (Al Sweida). The Art Gallery is a virtual (and will be physical) place where arts like painting, music, cinema, poetry and food meet to dialogue and create a revolutionary turn over for the critic conflicts of the human being.

isaac e alaa

Alaa Arsheed & Isaac de Martin (photo by Guido Maria Ratti)

Art is that universal language able to transform a war into colors, music, smells. A powerful tool to confrontate within different cultures among the centuries.

To gather together.

The measurable impact is to create collaborations between different artist from Sham and Europe and beyond. Alphaart projects are focuses and attracted by the diversity meant as great instrument of confrontation to find new solutions for the next.

Our work is supported by many important magazines, newspapers, TV programs and Organizations from Italy, Syria, Lebanon, Nederland, Germany, Finland.

We believe that a strong partnership with media is necessary to maintain and develop our work.