Past events


Vernissage L’Amore Malato by Gino Tonello, 24th March 2018, Palazzo Agostinelli (Bassano del Grappa) with Alaa Arsheed violin, Isaac de Martin guitar and electronics, Riccardo D’errico drums


WE ARE Onlus, 17th March 2018, Sala Civica Corte Franca (BS), presentation of AlphaArt and the book Siamo gli eroi del circo by Alessandra Altamura and the workshop by Gabriela Gabo Calabrò (photos by Stefano Quarantotto)


Human Nights Rights (UNIBO campus Forlì) 6th December 2017, concert and presentation of SEEDS_I play with Mozart


Opening MuMi Museo Migrante 2nd December 2017, Chiostro San Francesco, Senise, di Valerio Cataldi e Francesca Mannocchi. Con Francesco Pannofino, Cristiana Dell’Anna, Tezeta Abraham, Amin Nout, Andrea Iacomini. Isaac de Martin chitarra Alaa Arsheed violino.

PORTAMI VIA, movie screening and opening concert 28th November 2017 Cooperativa Camelot, Cinema Boldini Ferrara

Vernissage L’Amore Malato by Gino Tonello 25th November 2017 Museo dei Grandi Fiumi, Rovigo

Isaac de Martin Alaa Arsheed duo L'AMORE MALATO Rovigo 25Nov18

Alaa Arsheed & Isaac de Martin duo live, 19th November 2017 Bologna Jazz Festival, SoundRoutes.Notes to get closer at Binario69


photo by Daniela D’Amico (IJF17)

MANI FORTI – Adovabadan Jazz Band and Alaa Arsheed, 27th October 2017 Bologna Jazz Festival, SoundRoutes.Notes to get closer at Ferrara Jazz Club

Alaa Arsheed violin, Michele Uliana clarinet, Isaac de Martin guitar, Mauro Brunato banjo, Nicola Barbon doublebass, Remo Straforini drums, Endi vocals

3rd October 2017 Italian Parlament (Rome)

MuMi – Museo Migrante, memorial 3rd October. Reading with live music at Sala della Regina (Camera dei deputati – Italian Parlament) Alaa Arsheed violin, Dania Alkabir violin, Isaac de Martin guitar. With Lwam, Caterina Guzzanti, Roberto Herlitzka, Andrea Iacomini, Galatea Ranzi, Ichrak and Giusi Nicolini. Texts by Valerio Cataldi and Francesca Mannocchi.


MANI FORTI, Adovabadan Jazz Band with Alaa Arsheed @ Armonie dal Mondo – Novellara (RE), 10th September 2017



Alaa Arsheed violin, Isaac de Martin guitar – – WEBNOTTE, with UNHCR @La Repubblica, 23rd June 2017, Rome.

video extract click here!

SHAM quartet live at Chiesa di Santa Maria ai Monti (ROMA) 20th June and Santo Stefano Rotondo (ROMA) 21st June 2017

Alaa Arsheed violin, Haian Arsheed viola, Isaac de Martin guitar, Nicola Barbon doublebass


Alaa Arsheed violin, Isaac de Martin guitar @ MACRO (Roma), 19th June 2017 for STORIE DI BAMBINI SUI CONFINI D’EUROPA


SHAM live at Festival Biblico Vicenza, 26th May 2017


LtoR Isaac de Martin, Jhon Motoya, Alaa Arsheed & Geremia Vinattieri



The Portrait live at NC Awards, East Ends Studio (Milano) on June 23rd 2017










Mani Forti, Adovabadan Jazz Band, International Journalism Festival, Perugia 6 April 2017 photo by Danila D’Amico.









Bisogno di Pace, Alaa Arsheed violin – Isaac de Martin guitar – Teatro Riccardi Roma – 14 March 2017  . UIL & un ponte per… coordinamento di Alessandra AldiniUIL & un ponte per… coordinamento di Alessandra Aldini









R:C electronic & bass – Ike electronic & guitar – Alaa Arsheed violin & electronic live in Trentino (IT) 31 December 2016


The Portrait live at Teatro del Pane (Treviso), after the premiere of Welcome written and performed by Beppe Casales – 18 November 2016 15111025_1003771839732571_3813994342696732406_o

MANI FORTI Alaa Arsheed & Adovabadan Jazz Band, Alaa Arsheed violin, Endi voce, Michele Uliana clarinet, Isaac de Martin guitar, Mauro Brunato banjo, Nicola Barbon doublebass, Remo Straforini drums. 22 October 2016, Teatro De André, Mandello del Lario for Immagimondo Festival








Alaa Arsheed & Isaac de Martin live music for MIGRANTI written by Valerio Cataldi and performed with Filippo Carrozzo and Francesco Pannofino. Event organized by Comitato 3 Ottobre, Lampedusa, 3rd October 2016.







PORTRAIT at Nuovo Teatro Ariberto (Milano) 25th September 2016, Alaa Arsheed (violin), Isaac de Martin (guitar and electronics), R:C (doublebass and various instruments), organized by Yalla Yalla and Itaka,







and further collaboration with SOUND ILLUSTRATORS (, Lela Perez Bodypainting ( and Valentina Ciardi dance (

Photo session from the Concert at AMA Festival 2016 Asolo, 25 August 2016

Alaa Arsheed (violin), Isaac de Martin (guitar), Katri Mäkeläinen (vocal), Mikko Kierikki (synth), Niklas Ahlsved (drums), Riccardo Carli (didgeridoo, electric bass, percussions), Fabio Calzavara (tenor sax), Lela Perez (body paiting), Valentina Ciardi (dance). photos by Sound Illustrators and Barbara Pigatto







Alaa Arsheed violin – Isaac de Martin guitars – Blaobab electronics (, Valentina Ciardi dance, live at DAI FIORINDI, Bassano del Grappa, 24 July 2016. Photo by Bibo Cecchini







Alaa Arsheed (violin), Isaac de Martin (guitar), Michele Uliana (clarinet), performing for SOUK (initiative promoted by Purveen Kharas) at San Gregorio al Celio, Rome, 2 July 2016







MANI FORTI is the show produced by Adovabadan Jazz Band for the willing of Isaac de Martin and Alaa Arsheed featuring the hip-hop singer ENDI.

Presently Alpha Art is now producing PORTRAIT, the second EP that will be released by August 2016 and it will available to purchase to support the SSA project.

In the summer 2015 Alaa Arsheed produced and composed his first Album SHAM along with the musicians Montoya, Geremia Vinattieri, Giacomo Mazzucato and Isaac de Martin.

Here you can listen and buy the album, the collected budget will support the Alpha Art (aka Save Syrian Art) project

Alaa Arsheed and Isaac de Martin are often holding workshops and music performances in the Italian public schools (Kindergarden, elementary schools, primary schools, secondary schools and University)

Send us an email with your request to book us to have a lesson, a workshop or presentation about Alpha Art.







Further collaborations with the Milano based producer Gian Pietro Masa

Live at Galleria Fornasetti, Milano 2nd December 2015